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Dont walk away from the love we all share
Love, Kisses the wind we breathe 
You and I, in the shape of love, Oh love 
Splash love, splash, dont keep it inside
The day has come for love to light the world through which we walk, 
What would we find if wed all believe? 
All thirst ends in our embrace 

There are colors still unknown 
Paint this earth with love 

Weve come so far, and now farther we must go.

Music and lyrics composed by Larry Edoff  
Copyright (ASCAP) 2003  

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New Songs for Peace

"This is not your normal Love Song. It expresses the vulnerable state of Love in this country, very strong yet very sensible. It is one of those songs that grow on you over time, where you find yourself whistling the melody walking down the street."

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