Billboard in Times Square Brings Message of LOVE to the World

A huge, brilliantly illuminated 28x67 foot billboard will openly display LOVE to approximately 1.5 million people per day in Times Square for six weeks commencing May 1, 2003.  This is not your typical, flashy advertisement; this is a message to the world, and it is the simple message of LOVE.

LOVE is the artwork of Rudi-Renoir Appodlt, digital artist and musician residing in Lucerne Switzerland. The artist purchased billboard ad space himself, supported in part by private donations, to promote love.

Music will also be used to broadcast the message of LOVE. New York area singer/songwriter, Larry Edoff, was chosen for this project. "When Rudi first talked with me about the LoveProject and asked me to write a song for it, I thought it was a beautiful idea that could really touch so many people," said Edoff. "There are colors still unknown, Paint this earth with love" - lyrics from the song, LOVE.

LOVE is a springboard, inspiring others to use their creative talents. A group based in Westchester County, New York, has worked with children to create love projects of their own (artwork, poetry, song and other expressions of love) for public display. 


This is only the beginning. What more will happen once the billboard goes up on May 1st? 

Who could estimate the power of LOVE?

Please click here to see the latest updates on new projects and ways to SHARE LOVE.



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